"Maureen is not only a teacher, she is a healer."

"I first came to Asheville Pilates in 2012 on the recommendation of my MD, with the goal of regaining strength after a major operation. (My doctor's words about Maureen: "She is not only a teacher, she is a healer.") Since then, I have been consistently taking classes and private sessions with all three of the healers at Asheville Pilates—Maureen, Hope, and Ashleigh—in activities ranging from Pilates to Gyrokinesis to yoga. Gaining strength has been a huge benefit; others are reduced aches and pains in the middle-aged body (and knowing how to deal with them as they come and go), and a surprising enjoyment in new physical abilities and increased flexibility. The team at Asheville Pilates is delightful to work with."

Diana Stoll


"...we always leave feeling vibrant and refreshed."

My husband and I love working with Ashleigh at Asheville Pilates. We do Pilates sessions together and Ashleigh always makes it work for both of us. We have very different needs as our bodies are very different. I am flexible and Ashleigh really works to help me keep my core engaged and not hyperextending. She is always on cue and notices all the subtleties of each movement. My husband is on the other end of the spectrum needing to gain more flexibility. We both have gained more strength and fluidity in our bodies. Ashleigh is always changing things up, making the sessions interesting and fun. And she has a wealth of knowledge about the body. We always look forward to our class with Ashleigh and we always leave feeling vibrant and refreshed!

Tami Alvarez


"Just what I need..."

After 25 years of aerobics and weight training, I was fit and strong, but lacked flexibility. Ashleigh to the rescue!! Her instruction of various exercises are just what I need.  After a short time, I see improved flexibility and posture! Her warm, friendly personality makes each class a pleasant experience! Thank you!

Carol Fisher


"Expertise, experience, professionalism, mindfulness..."

 I fell in love with Pilates over twenty years ago and am blessed to be able to have private instruction at Asheville Pilates.  Pilates has long been an essential element of my mind/body wellness. Maureen Sher provides a studio for clients that has an amazing level of skill, experience, support. I often refer to this studio as “the body whisperers”, as I am amazed at how intuitive they are about their client’s bodies. Facinga total knee replacement , I worked with Hope Wolfe, whose expertise and caring manner made my pre-therapy very successful. Her inspiration has motivated me to work hard to get back to Asheville Pilates with record speed.  At Asheville Pilates, I always receive warm and caring inspiration and the support to make Pilates a veryjoyful part of my life!

Kathy Greeley


"...92 and rediscovering what it feels like to trust myself as a walker."

I am 92 years old and have always exercised but before I met up with Pilates I had been walking with a cane and was unsteady on my feet. All that has changed. I walk everywhere and have rediscovered what it feels like to trust myself as a walker. Reflexology was the cream on top of the pudding.

Renee Levine


"A special studio that really knows what they are doing..."

"I have been a steady client of Asheville Pilates since I moved to Asheville a decade ago. As a professional dancer I began training in Pilates in NY in 1975 with Romana Kryzanowska, and over the years it has always helped me recover from injuries. When doctors told me I would be in a wheelchair in nine years due to a rare rheumatoid arthritis, I began working with Maureen Sher, and later also with Hope Wolfe. The studio offers the highest quality of Pilates and Gyrotonic, with a special mix of healing energy. If you are looking for a special studio that really knows what they are doing, try Asheville Pilates.



"Truly individualized and customized sessions."

"I have worked with Maureen for over 14 years;   both as a client and in referring clients to her once they have completed their physical therapy. Maureen is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly learning and adding to her knowledge base and the skills that she offers. This is one of the reasons that I am comfortable referring clients to her. However, what is most important to me is her ability to truly individualize and customize her sessions to each specific person and their needs. She has excellent observation skills and as she combines this with her knowledge of anatomy, GYROTONIC® and Pilates she is able to offer sessions that are appropriate to the individual and offer lasting benefit and carry over to daily life. I know she has helped me to change how I move and use my body which has carried over to my work and my play!"

- Amira Ranney, PT
Pivot Physical Therapy



"I never expected to be pain free and figured it was just part of growing older. I now feel terrific."

"My physician referred me for physical therapy after I complained of shoulder and back pain due largely as a consequence of many hours a day sitting at a computer for the past decade. Several months of physical therapy improved the pain and my physical therapist referred me to Asheville Pilates in hopes that I could continue the improvements and correct some posture and movement issues. In all honesty I never expected to be pain free and figured it was just part of growing older. I always thought “good posture” meant holding my shoulders back and didn’t how much more there was to it. I have been participating in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® programs for nearly a year and am so impressed with Maureen. She has just the right mix of tough/gentleness, and its obvious how committed she is to improving her client’s overall health and well-being. The one to one attention I receive during individual sessions is great and group sessions generally include just a few people. I really appreciate the calm and friendly atmosphere each time I walk thru the door. I feel terrific with improved posture and range of motion and am looking forward to visiting you at the new Studio. How exciting!"

Kendall Wright


"I am flexible, strong and feel great."

"After a back injury from a car accident, I was in physical therapy for months. My physical therapist suggested that I try Pilates with Maureen. After one session, I was hooked. I started going to Asheville Pilates almost 3 years ago now, and have hardly missed a week! I love Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. My back has improved tremendously (one of the only things that has given me such relief!) plus my body shape and strength have improved and I feel better about myself in general. I can touch my toes now, something I haven’t been able to do in years! I’m flexible, strong, and I feel great. Maureen is an amazing teacher, and her experience is unmatched. She knows when you are working to your fullest potential (and when you’re not) and what to do for each person’s individual body and situation. I look forward to my session every week. Even writing this I wish I were in her studio right now!"

April Miller

"Maureen Sher stands out among a handful of practitioners I deem of the highest quality."

"In my 35 years of practice Maureen Sher stands out among a handful of practitioners I deem of the highest quality. She is an extraordinary instructor with a gift for seeing and teaching movement. I have shared many clients with Maureen. I am always confident each person is seen as an individual with their specific issues addressed and abilities maximized."

Linda Emerick PT, Feldenkrais Practitioner®


"I wish I had known about Asheville Pilates sooner..."

I wish I had known sooner about Asheville Pilates. Their staff ofprofessionals work with you to provide personalized, and pleasant exercise that does not even seem like a work out.  If you are like me and do not like the idea of public gyms or sweating workouts, this is the place to be in their spacious, airy studio and convenient location of Reynolds Village. Pilates and Gyrotonic movementgive you a strong workout without over exertion, and I believe they are a great choice to participate in for a lifetime. Don't procrastinate and give Asheville Pilates a try, it will change your life!

— Cindy


"...cross training with Pilates and Gyrotonic have really changed my life.

For the past year I have been training with Hope at Asheville Pilates. As a professional dancer and teacher, cross training with Pilates and Gyrotonic™ have really changed my life. Through Hope's guidance and instruction I have become more aware of how my body works and how it can better assist me throughout my career.

— Megan Medford Jones


"Tailored sessions to my body issues."

I've had the opportunity to work with Hope for over a year now, in both private and group lessons. I came to these sessions with chronic shoulder and neck pain... and hesitancy on whether Pilates would be helpful or further aggravate the pain. Hope is a skilled instructor with a clear understanding of body mechanics and a demonstrated ability on how to tailor sessions to my body issues. In addition, Hope is pleasant, fun and motivating, and the studio is clean and inviting!"

Jennifer Powell


"Best decision I ever made."

I am very fit for age 76 and have spent three days a week in the gym doing hard workouts most of my life. However, while creating muscle strength, I neglected my flexibility. Several friends, trainers and my son recommended Pilates. Best decision I ever made. With Ashleigh coaching me, we stretch and work every muscle group twice a week and after almost ten months I am now able to bend and touch the floor and actually tie my shoelaces without difficulty. Working out five days a week really agrees with me, too. Asheville Pilates is the best!

Nick Scull


“Pilates gave me my full, active, pain-free life back.””

“After months of physical therapy, rest, ice, heat and medications, I was afraid that lower back pain would always severely limit my activities.  When my physical therapist referred me to Maureen, I was skeptical whether anything would help.  Simply put, Maureen and Pilates gave me my full, active, pain-free life back.”

Linda Rowe


"Pilates has made a significant difference in my life and how I am able to move."

“I have been working with Maureen Sher for the past eight years on a regular basis. I first went to her because of shoulder and lower back pain. Through working with Maureen the shoulder pain has gone away. By strengthening my core the lower back pain is much less frequent. Pilates has made a significant difference in my life and how I am able to move. Maureen’s extensive training and knowledge make every session different and I always feel that the workouts are tailored to my specific needs.”

Douglas Sherry


"There are not enough words in the world to express my appreciation and love for Maureen...”

"I am now 70 years old and still going strong, and still getting stronger.  I moved from Black Mountain to Murphy and travel back to Asheville every two weeks to maintain my work with Maureen. My base of my Gyrotonic practice is still in place. I’ve joined a gym in Murphy and am learning weight work and some yoga.  Who would ever have thought that at 70 I could still be increasing my body strength?  There are not enough words in the world to express my appreciation and love for Maureen in all the help/teaching/friendship she has given me over these many years.”



"Perfect balance between professionalism and warmth."

"Maureen's perfect balance between professionalism and her warmth and personable encouragement, paired with the tremendous scope of her technical knowledge and skill, has truly changed my life. I met Maureen when recovering from a major illness, and she has helped restore my strength and well-being, with optimism and perseverance, way beyond what I deemed possible. Her sensitivity and ability to read the balances, both energetically and physically, allows her to constantly adjust the program to my body’s needs. I always feel in safe hands, and always come away feeling better. Thank you, Maureen."

Ethra McKay


"Working with her is truly helping me to step into my fullest potential."

"Working with Maureen on a weekly basis has changed me at the deepest level. She has helped me heal from scoliosis and chronic pain I have had for over twenty years. I feel stronger, leaner, and more integrated than I ever have, not to mention free from pain and so much more able to be active and enjoy my life. Working with her is truly helping me to step into my fullest potential."